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What is video optimization and why do you need it?

Video content is crucial if you’re trying to get more customers online. But creating video content isn’t enough as you need the right type of YouTube SEO to make it more visible.

Why YouTube?

Because YouTube has become the second-largest Search Engine right after Google, where over 3 billion hours of content is being watched monthly. This opens a huge scope of marketing your products and services.

Optimizing your video SEO in the right way will let your target audience find you more easily. Just like any search engine, YouTube also uses keywords to find relevant videos. And optimizing and targeting the right keywords will get you more visibility and eventually more leads.

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SEO Audit

  • Video Keyword Research

    We perform a thorough keyword research as per the business you’re into, this will allow you to create the right type of content around those keywords.

  • Search Intent

    We also help you identify the search intent behind any given search on YouTube. This helps in profiling different types of customers and better your video SEO.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Identifying what your competitors are doing can help us create better strategies by replicating what works for them and avoiding what doesn’t.

  • High Retention Video

    We help you create videos that have a high retention rate and gets more comments and shares. We also help you with catchy titles and thumbnails that statistically have a higher click-through rate (CTR).

  • On-Page YouTube Video Optimization

    Every video of your business on YouTube should be optimized to have better visibility and more views. We optimize it for you by incorporating better Meta Title, descriptions, tags and embed links.

  • In Video Optimization

    Not only the titles and descriptions of your video, but we also help you optimize your in-video content such as transcripts, closed captions, and end screens. This ensures that you stay ahead of your competition and bag more sales.

  • Channel Creation & Optimization

    If you haven’t created a YouTube channel for your business already, then we help you with that too. We make sure that your channel is optimized and has that allure from day one! So that your audience can find you easily and you can make a really good first impression.

  • Video Promotion & Engagement

    We promote your video content across all video platforms including your website, third party websites and social media. This assists in improving your search engine rankings.

  • Post-Video Analysis

    We give you a post-video analysis in which we discuss your audience’s retention graphs and how they can be improved. We also discuss the search intent and how videos can be optimized so that people watch it all the way.

  • Rank Videos on Google

    Our YouTube SEO experts optimize your videos as per the trends so that they get ranked on Google search results or SERPs.

  • Video Promotion Strategies

    Our team of experts identifies the scope of each video and where it should be promoted. So, each video created will have a different strategy to reach its maximum potential.

How we do it?

We follow a simple 3 step process in achieving your business goals.

  • Understanding & Planning

    We sit down with you and understand everything there is to know about your business. This includes products and services, target audience, competitors, business objectives and anything more you can offer. We then devise an exclusive strategy for your business.

  • Creation & Execution

    Once we get your approval on the strategy, we gather our team of video SEO experts and writers to create engaging and authentic content. We then promote the videos at the right platforms to get the maximum traction.

  • Reporting & Results

    We give you a detailed report on the progress we make on a monthly basis. We keep you in the loop of everything we do.

Why choose us as your video seo company in India?

We are an experienced team of video SEO and YouTube SEO experts who have helped many businesses achieve their online goals. We make sure that we not only work for you but also work with you. The entire process is transparent and we keep you in the loop for every discussion. We also give you detailed reports to help you understand your ROIs and whether it’s all worth it or not.

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